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Inviting The Energy To Create Wealth – Spiritual
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Money is a neutral energy. It has a value attributed by society that is a vehicle for us to exchange for materials needed to live.

We live in an abundant world. The purpose of the abundance is so that we live happy, contented lives. Everyone has the right to it. That is how life is meant to be. It has often been suggested that every day, fourteen trillion dollars exchange hands and yet many of us suffer the lack, bowed down by life in fact. Basically, it all boils down to how we perceive money.

Money is a neutral energy. It has a value attributed by society that is a vehicle for us to exchange for materials needed to live. Spirituality that neglects money matters is ignorant spirituality. Mention spirituality that neglects money matters to people bent already from working all day without getting enough to pay for the basic necessities in life and chances are good for being scorned for hypocrisy.

On the other hand, people who have enough money have greater options to pursue better things to enrich the soul. It is the acquisition of it, whatever the cost like trampling other people down in the process and disregarding everything else is what makes it not spiritually edifying. Money and the meaning it brings are directly proportional to how well you are able to tap into the spiritual energy for creating wealth. This does not mean though that people who are very wealthy are spiritual, far from it. In the same manner, it also does not mean that people who have less money are always less happy. There are general principles, though, that improves the chances of tapping into the spiritual energy that prepares us to acquire wealth.

To Have or Not To Have
This is self-image. Whatever we want happens. All of us have the potential to have or not to have, to be or not to be. We could be a vegetarian, a football fan, a family man, a priest, a star or a eunuch. The choices are endless. No matter, it still boils down to how we perceive things and how we react to them. If we believe in our hearts that we could be a millionaire without the self-doubt, we can. Faith and belief that is certain and with conviction, without inner conflicts ultimately prepares all of us to achieve things that other people could only call luck. Believing in who you are and what you are capable of doing starts the ball of opportunity rolling to your direction. All that is left is your ability to recognize it and act on it.

Everything starts with thoughts. Where you are now, how you have become, your house, your job, your wife, your choices are results of thought processes that you entertained years ago. The freedom to choose is not really freedom if the thought process has limited your choices to only those that you think are impossible. If you think you are the victim, you will act like one. If you think you are the innovator, you will one day find the opportunity to be one. Thinking is power. It directs life to how we should become. It also limits it when we choose to. The first freedom is to choose to free the thoughts from limitations. Then other processes set in. Rene Descartes would not have said it any better – "I think therefore I am".

Words are very powerful. Speech follows whatever we think. When we say something, we declare to ourselves what we want to become and we believe it. Believing is one of the greatest of motivators and so speak something, declare it, be convinced by it. When doubt is not entertained in the mind, actions will follow.


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