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Art Career Education
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A great sense of determination and perseverance are some characteristics you may need, plus of course excellent skills and talent when it comes to world of art.

If you’re thinking of becoming a successful artist in your own lifetime, then what you need is a balance of good business sense, hard work and talent, and an institutional learning such as art career education. Pursuing a career in art is not just taking on what you love but needs to have an inner depth to it, certain basic steps has to be done for the realization of what you want to do and what you want to achieve.


The first step of getting an art career education is extensive planning and researching. Plan on what field you would want to take up in your art career education as this field is a little broad. Researching and applying in universities with the best art career education and finding out whether they provide sufficient foundation studio classes that enclose all the technical information you’ll need for the medium you chose.


You may also need to take slides of your artwork as many of the art career education or undergraduate programs require a portfolio with your general application. Going to Art openings and familiarizing yourself with the art scene will be helpful as this will be your main place for selling your work when you get out of your art career education.


Learning the business of art and taking some business management classes will be essential as sooner or later in your career you will run into this situations and being readily equipped with handling them will be a very good advantage. Beginning to build your resume through entering both juried and open exhibitions is a good way to start an art career even when still in school.

Being discriminating and requesting to see pictures from previous exhibitions and finding out who the juror is will put you in a beneficial point. Just make sure that your exhibition will offer sufficient insurance and security for your artwork.


Going to graduate school that provides practical classes and lots of instruction will be a good foundation as your goal would be to learn as much as possible from those who know how to teach. Finding a studio when you finish your art career education and getting to work and starting your career immediately is a good step. Stay focused and devote at least half of your whole work week to art and build a solid body of work.


When you’re in the career world of art, promote yourself by having business cards made and begin to introduce yourself to the art community. Involving yourself in many art events as much as possible is a great way to become a familiar face.

Art career education is just the first step to a more rewarding career in the art arena, be sure to have a good groundwork of it to have a long successful and rewarding career in art.


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