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White House comments of one father who lost his little girl in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas slaughter
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President Trump hosts a listening session with high school students and teachers to discuss school safety Wednesday at the White House.

Andrew Pollack's little girl, Meadow, was one of the 17 individuals slaughtered seven days back amid a firearm frenzy at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Pollock conveyed these comments specifically to President Trump at the White House Wednesday amid a "listening session" on mass school shootings

I'm here on the grounds that my little girl has no voice. She was killed a week ago and she was taken from us. Shot nine times on the third floor. We as a nation fizzled our kids. This shouldn't occur. We go to the airplane terminal, I can't get on a plane with a container of water, however we abandon some creature to stroll into a school and shoot our kids. It is simply wrong.

What's more, we require meet up as a nation and work on what is critical. Furthermore, that is securing our kids in the schools. That is the main thing that issues at this moment. Everybody needs to meet up and not consider distinctive laws. We have to meet up as a nation, not diverse gatherings, and make sense of how we secure the schools.

It is straightforward. It isn't troublesome. We ensure airplane terminals. We ensure shows. Stadiums. International safe havens. The Department of Education that I strolled into today has a security monitor in the lift. How would you imagine that influences me to feel? In the lift they got a security watch.

I'm exceptionally furious this happened. Since it continues happening. 9/11 happened once. Furthermore, they settle everything. What number of schools, what number of youngsters need to get shot? It stops here with this organization and me. I'm not resting until the point when it is settled.

What's more, Mr. President, we'll settle it. Since I will settle it. I'm not going to rest. Also, my young men need to live with this. I need to see everybody. You, you take a gander at this. Me, I'm — I'm a man, yet to see your youngsters experience this, cover their sister. That is the thing that I continue saying since I need it to soak in, not disregard this. We can't forget about it. All these school shootings, it doesn't bode well. Fix it.

There ought to have been one school shooting and we ought to have settled it. What's more, I'm pissed. Since my little girl, I'm not going to see once more. She's not here. She's not here. She's in North Lauderdale King David burial ground, that is the place I go to see my child now. Furthermore, in the event that we as a whole cooperate and concoct the correct thought, school security.

It isn't about weapon laws. That is another battle, another fight. We should settle the schools and after that you folks can fight it out whatever you need. Be that as it may, we require our kids safe. Monday, tomorrow, whatever day it is, kids go to class. Do you believe everybody's children are protected?

I didn't think it would transpire. In the event that I realized that, I would have been at the school each day on the off chance that I knew it was that hazardous. Work with the President and settled schools.

That is it. No other exchange. No more discourses. I'll never observe my child again. Never at any point will I see my child. I need to soak in. Time everlasting. My little girl, I'm never going to see again. What's more, it is straightforward. We can settle it.


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