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Olympic U.S. Ladies' Hockey Player Hilary Knight Says She Doesn't Believe in Dieting
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Keeping in mind the end goal to bring home the gold at the current year's Winter Olympics, U.S. ladies' hockey player Hilary Knight is about adhering to a good diet.

In any case, the 5'11" forward reveals to PEOPLE she doesn't have confidence in counting calories.

"It's not economical," she says. "I have confidence in way of life changes to suit a solid living."

Given Knight's extraordinary preparing plan, which is right now six days seven days, Knight says she eats more calories to enable her body to recuperate.

The 28-year-old likewise drinks huge amounts of water — in excess of 130 ounces when she is working out or on the ice.

Read on for a day of Knight's suppers, and for additional, pickup a duplicate of PEOPLE, on newspaper kiosks now.



130 oz. of water


Oats with maple syrup and walnuts; 12 oz. caffeinated drink; banana


Protein bar; apple cuts


White bean chicken stew; blended greens plate of mixed greens with vegetables and light dressing


Raspberry Greek yogurt with granola; 8 oz. of coconut water


Pasta with blended vegetables; 1 glass of cherry juice



Add up to Calories: 2,240


The Verdict: The plant and creature proteins in Knight's bean stew at lunch and the assortment of vegetables for the duration of the day give her "a pleasant blend of shrewd carbs, protein and deliver to fuel her profoundly dynamic way of life," says Chicago-based dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner.

Additionally her after-supper nibble of popcorn "is a decent decision when she's inclination munchy during the evening since it is normally an entire grain." Plus, for calming benefits Knight could "sprinkle turmeric and dark pepper on the popcorn," says Blatner.


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