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Florida police visit high schooler Anthony Borges, who was injured in school shooting
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Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel visits Parkland shooting suvivor Anthony Borges in the hospital Broward County Sheriff's Office

A Florida high schooler who was shot five times while locking the way to a classroom amid the school shooting a week ago is recouping, police said Sunday.

Anthony Borges, 15, is being hailed as a legend for his activities amid the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that murdered 17. His kindred understudies say Borges' activities spared their lives.

The adolescent was shot in his back and legs as he bolted the entryway and hindered the entryway with his body, leaving the other 20 understudies unharmed as the shooter kept on discharging.

Borges' closest companion, Carlos Rodriguez disclosed to ABC News, that it was Borges' snappy reasoning activities that spared his life.

"None of us comprehended what to do. Thus, he stepped up with regards to simply spare his different schoolmates," Rodriguez said.

In a Facebook post that is circulated around the web, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is envisioned with Borges in the doctor's facility and said to be regarded by the visit, as Borges lays showered in blessings and inflatables.

"Luckily, he is recouping — yet has a lengthy, difficult experience ahead with more surgeries required," read the Facebook post. "If you don't mind go along with us in petitioning God for the quick recuperation of Anthony and the various casualties of this horrendous criminal act."

A GoFundMe page, affirmed by the sheriff's office, for the Borges family has been met with overpowering energy; it has brought more than $100,000 up in gifts since it was made Thursday. The teenager's dad, Royer Borges, is pleased with his child's activities in the midst of the mayhem.

"He's my legend," said Royer Borges, a feeling shared by many. "I just approach that individuals appeal to God for him."

Borges and different casualties still hospitalized are in reasonable condition and stable.

In the wake of the shooting's consequence, understudies are battling for an adjustment in firearm enactment to address the savagery that put understudies like Borges in the line of flame.


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