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The 16 Minute SEO Audit: How to Identify and Fix Problems Preventing Your Website From Ranking in Google
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With SEO, the overlooked details are the main problem.

Furthermore, in case you're acquainted with SEO, at that point you know there are sadly a great deal of subtle elements!

That is the reason you should utilize an agenda to pinpoint issues keeping your site from positioning high in Google. It's essentially difficult to recollect each and every detail on the off chance that you attempt to wing it.

Obviously a few subtle elements are more essential than others and on the off chance that you have restricted time and assets, at that point you have to center your SEO endeavors where you'll get the greatest value for your money. That is the reason I set up together this 16-minute SEO review.

On the off chance that this is your first time experiencing the review and you're not acquainted with SEO, at that point it might take somewhat more, yet once you're OK with the means, at that point every one should just take around 2 minutes to finish…

Stage 1: Review Webpage Title Tags

A standout amongst the most imperative page components for SEO reasons for existing is your Title tag. On the off chance that you're not comfortable with HTML, the page Title tag is everything in the middle of the HTML code title and /title.

This can be somewhat befuddling in light of the fact that your Title tag does not really show on the page!

It's hard to believe, but it's true, you can't see the Title tag by taking a gander at your site. Most web programs will show the Title tag as the name of the program tab, or window. Additionally, you can see the source code to discover your Title labels (on a PC right snap, and after that select "View page source").

What would it be a good idea for you to audit?

Since we're constraining ourselves to a few minutes, simply ensure the catchphrase expression you need to rank for in Google is specified in the Title tag. On the off chance that your watchword isn't in the Title tag, at that point including your catchphrase is one of the most minimal hanging organic product chances to enhance your rankings.

The primary page to check is your landing page and afterward keep on reviewing the other principle item or administration pages on your site.

Stage 2: Review Meta Descriptions

The following page component is the Meta Description. Once more, this isn't noticeable when you take a gander at the website page!

You need to see the source code to survey your meta depictions. When you see the source, look for, meta name ="description", and you'll discover the Meta Description for any given page.

What would it be advisable for you to survey?

In the first place, ensure you have a Meta Description and second, ensure it's convincing. It's conceivable you don't have a Meta Description, and when that is the situation Google will influence one to up for you. Google utilizes your Meta Description in the indexed lists as the portrayal for your website page.

The all the more convincing your Meta Description, the more snaps you'll get when you do appear in Google. What's more, those snaps to your site are a key factor in your rankings.

Stage 3: Review H1 Tags

We're at last to a component that really appears on the site page.

The H1, or primary header, of your page is like your Title tag in that it discloses to Google what your website page is about. In the event that your H1 incorporates an objective catchphrase express, at that point Google knows your website page is applicable for that watchword and ought to be considered in the list items.

So what do you figure you should survey?

The truth is out, ensure a variety of your objective watchword is in the H1 of your site page. To discover the H1, see the page source and look for h1. Everything in the middle of h1 and /h1 is your principle header.

Stage 4: Review Webpage Copy

Next, you have to pause for a moment to survey your site page duplicate. There's nothing specialized here and no compelling reason to see the source code. Just read the duplicate on your page.

What would it be advisable for you to survey?

To begin with, the length of duplicate. As a rule, you need to shoot for no less than 500 expressions of content on a page that you need to rank in Google (and we prescribe shooting for 1,000+ words since Google tends to offer inclination to additional inside and out substance).

Second is quality. Google's main goal is to demonstrate the best data in their list items and that implies removing low quality site pages. In the event that you don't believe it's awesome substance, at that point chances are Google doesn't either and that will hurt your rankings.

Keep in mind, that positioning in Google is all relative. You need preferred substance over the various website pages attempting to rank for your objective watchwords.

Stage 5: Check Domain Canonicalization

This sounds amazingly specialized, however it's quite basic. (Furthermore, don't stress in the event that you can't articulate "canonicalization" :)

Go to "mainstreetroi.com" and see where you wind up. You'll consequently go to www.mainstreetroi.com. That implies there is no real way to get to any page on our site without including www.

The reason that is critical is on account of in fact talking mainstreetroi.com and mainstreetroi are diverse sites!

On the off chance that you enable access to the two forms then that can contrarily affect your SEO in light of the fact that you'll be spreading out your SEO exertion crosswise over two sites. To maintain a strategic distance from this issue you have to ensure you indicate your accepted URL with or without the www.

How would you check this?

Essentially attempt to get to your site with and afterward without the www. In the event that one naturally advances you to the next, at that point you're good to go. In the event that you can get to both, at that point you have an issue that should be settled by an accomplished web designer.

Stage 6: Check for Broken Links

The rest of the means require the utilization of a few devices to do the filthy work for us.

In this progression, we will check for broken connections on your site, which is an awful client encounter. Google despises broken connections since that can be disappointing for their clients when they are endeavoring to explore your site. So in the event that you have broken connections, you're harming your rankings.

To check for broken connections I prescribe the instrument, Screaming Frog. It'll set aside some opportunity to download the instrument and get well-known, yet once that is done at that point utilizing this device will just take two or three minutes and you'll see immediately if broken connections are an issue on your site.

Stage 7: Check for Duplicate Content

Next, we have to check for copy content.

In the event that your page is a copy of another page either on your site or on another site, at that point that will make it about incomprehensible for you to get positioned in Google.

Why? Since Google will just rank one variant of the copy content. There's no purpose behind Google to rank a copy page since that gives no extra incentive to their clients.

Once more, we have to utilize an apparatus here. On the off chance that you need a free asset, at that point utilize Siteliner. For more precision, utilize Copyscape.com ($5 least).

Stage 8: Check Website Load Speed

The last advance is to check your site stack speed.

At the end of the day, how quick (or moderate) does your site stack? Google utilizes page stack speed as a factor in their positioning calculation since let be honest, nobody needs to lounge around a sit tight for a site page to stack up. That implies the quicker your heap speeds, the better.

Google gives a free and simple instrument to examine your page speed and even get data about how to enhance your rates. It's called PageSpeed Insights and you should simply reorder your page URL into the device and snap Analyze. Or on the other hand even better, request that your designer utilize this apparatus and experience the prescribed strides to enhance your site speed.

That is it! By experiencing the 8 stages above and settling any issues, you'll rapidly get your site positioning higher in Google.


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