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Emma Gonzalez survived the Florida shooting Now she’s taking on Trump and the NRA.
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The strong message of a student who survived the mass shooting at a Florida high school this week reverberated across social media Saturday after a passionate speech at an anti-gun rally.

Emma Gonzalez's name was trending on Twitter for much of the afternoon as she took on President Trump, the National Rifle Association, politicians and every argument against tightening gun laws, starting a chant of "shame on you!" in the crowd of hundreds at the rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The deaths of 17 students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday has started the familiar debate on gun laws after a mass shooting — but what's different is students are leading the charge and becoming a powerful voice.

Emma's speech caused a firestorm at the rally and on social media, many calling her a hero and a new leader in the fight against gun violence.

"We are going to be the last mass shooting," she told the crowd. "We are going to change the law. That's going to be Marjory Stoneman Douglas in that textbook, and it's all going to be due to the tireless efforts of the school board, the faculty members, the family members and most importantly the students."

In between wiping tears from her eyes, Emma called out Trump for taking millions from the NRA for his campaign.

"If you don't do anything to prevent this from continuing to occur, that number of gunshot victims will go up and the number that they are worth will go down. And we will be worthless to you." she said.

The National Rifle Association and other gun-rights organizations spent nearly $55 million in the 2016 election cycle — nearly 19 times the amount spent by groups promoting gun restrictions, according to a tally be the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

The NRA pumped more than $31 million into advertising to boost Trump's candidacy and attack his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.


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