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Returning Olympic Medalist Nick Goepper: Why I Spoke Out About My Substance Abuse, Mental Health
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Possibly Nick Goepper would dependably have had a remark.

Perhaps, on the off chance that it wasn't his up and coming free-form ski occasion at the 2018 Winter Olympics, the 23-year-old medalist would be centered around, say, being the best surfer or being the best skateboarder or possibly having the most delightful truck.

In any case, he's not considering any of those things, regardless of whether he needed to. He's reasoning about his skiing, since that is the thing that every other person will be pondering, as well.

"I want to ski better and I will ski better here," he told PEOPLE in Pyeongchang, South Korea, a week and change before he is set to contend in men's slopestyle at the Games, an occasion in which contenders play out an assortment of traps and bounces down a blended landscape course, not divergent in skateboarding.

At that same rivalry four years back, in Sochi, Russia, Goepper took bronze in an uncommon single-country scope of the platform nearby partners Joss Christensen (gold) and Gus Kenworthy (silver).

In any case, his execution disappointed him somehow, unusual as he understands that can sound to others.

"Simply being as aggressive as I am, I extremely need to win a gold award," he says. "Furthermore, that is essentially what I came here to do."

Ever diagnostic, he says, "I'm sure that this will be a decent occasion and I believe there's a considerable measure of stuff that I've taken in this season and just things that I need to change and simply be better at, so I comprehend what I need to do."

"I'm one of those kinds of individuals that dependably has a remark, regardless," clarifies Goepper, who is taking an interest in Procter and Gamble's "Affection Over Bias" crusade. "Despite the fact that I may have a heap of achievements, regardless I have a comment. What's more to other individuals as well as just to myself, that I generally need to simply have a leg up. I generally need to ski superior to anything I ever have previously."

His third-put complete at the 2014 Olympics commenced a tornado media visit — helped along by Kenworthy's part in the save of a litter of Russian puppies, which arrived on the front of PEOPLE — after which he ended up hooking, at that point at 20 years of age, with inquiries past his capacity to prevail on the snow.

"One thing that I truly battled with after Sochi was, similar to, I truly didn't have any arrangement," he says. "That is to say, I was kind of on the Olympic festival visit with every one of my companions and blah, blah, blah — and after that there kind of was this aimlessness of exactly what in my day, I didn't generally realize what I should do."

"In any case, there wasn't anything that I should do," he says. "I was simply expected to return to work."

He understands that — now. Be that as it may, after Sochi, particularly descending from his post-Olympics high, Goepper ended up in an altogether extraordinary outlook, an ordeal he opened up about a month ago.

"That mid year of 2014 I extremely encountered this, as, passionate misery and extremely just began to sort of slide inwardly," he said in a video meet with the X Games.

In August 2014, while home in Indiana and in the midst of his nervousness and gloom, he tossed rocks at a few autos, experts said. He later approached intentionally with what he'd done, paid back his casualties and apologized.

"It was genuine fouled up, yet I would go to bed around evening time and I would need the night to resemble extremely long," Goepper said in the video. "I would truly remain up throughout the night since that was the means by which the time would tick by the slowest — feeling that the morning could never come. And out of the blue the sun would come up and I would resemble, 'One more day of feeling along these lines.' "

"That is to say, there came a moment that I was drinking each day and I was always pondering approaches to end my own particular life," Goepper said.

"I was, such as, playing with that thought [of suicide], I wasn't bold or conferred enough to really do it," he said. "It was more similar to a truly botched up method for saying 'help me' however without trying to say it to a companion or a relative."

An "immense defining moment" came after Goepper looked for recuperation at a recovery focus in Texas, in the fall of 2015: "Conversing with other individuals and simply like become friends with other individuals at this recuperation focus, where I could identify with and I could converse with and I could like have comparative stories with, that was tremendously rousing," he said in the X Games video.

Conversing with PEOPLE a week ago, Goepper said the choice to stand up about his post-Sochi issues "truly boils down to simply me being alright with my identity."

"I'm not really attempting to be a major supporter or a representative or anything like that," he says. "Who knows, I may not far off, once I turn out to be much more agreeable and take in more about this."

"In any case, I think simply growing up and being more agreeable in my own particular skin truly helped me be more open and real to life with general society about some of those individual battles," he proceeds, "and particularly being in a place of an open figure, I believe it's a better than average activity that."


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